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I felt the blood trickling now down my face from the impact of the second blast xvideos porn in the lift shaft and my muscles were quaking from the exertion of the last xvideos mom twenty minutes. Resting on wwwxvideos my hands and knees in xvide the underbrush I felt it. I was not alone. I was surrounded. I rose shakily and commanded the weapons around me to come. Instantly weapon after weapon emerged flying through the air to www.xvideos the position in front of my outstretched arm into a growing mass of metal. "You will NOT harm me" I tried to command... "It was never my intention." A x videos.com familiar voice spoke as Bransen came into view. With that, the world spun, and I felt the earth crush against my body. --- Per suggestions from others, and a xvidios bit of work, I have hd xvideos re-written telugu xvideos the entire story. Much of it is the same and the changes were cosmetic. I have also added some more www.xvideo depth to beginning characters and added a xvideos indian few other things. The chapters xvideos hd are for the most part longer and I have corrected some continuity problems. I know that I have much to learn as a xvideos indo writer, and would greatly appreciate any constructive criticism regarding this story. Please contact me at gaywriter72yahoo with suggestions and criticisms. Thanks! Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2006 22:01:38 -0700 (PDT) From: Gay Writer Subject: Earth Reborn: Love and Greed Chapter 2 xvidio The following is a complete work of fiction. Any resemblance between the characters and any real life person is completely xvideos in coincidental. Please do not copy or distribute the story without the author's permission. Disclaimer: The following story contains erotic homosexual situations. If it is illegal for you to read this please leave now. *** This is a completely revised version of the original story... If you are lost or confused please read it from japanese xvideos the beginning in its entirety. Chapter 2 Loss and Life I woke momentarily videos x to see Bransen sitting in the corner of this antiseptic dimly lit room. The smell of bleach and other anti bacterial agents wafted past my nose. Sleep was pulling my eyes closed again... we would have to talk later. I wonder if the look of fear on his face was for me or because of me. My eyes fluttered open, this time someone was video x taking my vitals and writing on a clipboard. They were recording my progress. I felt stronger this time and glanced about the room. Again or still I do not know, but in the corner was a sullen Bransen. www.xvideos There was a mixture of xvideos.con concern and distrust upon his face. "Captain, I believe sleeping beauty here has xvidio finally awakened." He said turning to the corner to address Bransen. "Damnit! If I have to tell you one more xvideos tamil time, I'm going to beat the living shit out of you! It's Bransen... not captain." He grumbled. "Now get the hell out of here!" My caretaker glanced at a monitor above xvidos.com my head... made a nervous scribble and scooted a bit too fast from the room like a wounded puppy. "Nice to meet you cheerful!" I joked in a whispered voice. "Cut the shit videos x freak... I don't have the time or patience for another smartass in my group." He quickly snapped back. "Oh... so this FREAK is xvideos .com part of YOUR group HUH?! I don't even remember asking!" I said angrily through pursed lips and squinted eyes weakly trying to pull myself to a sitting position. "IN FACT" I hacked... and coughed trying to catch my breath as my voice broke in and out of a rage... "they're probably still cleaning up the xvideos video brains of the last asshole that crossed me!" I finally choked www xvideos.com out. Fact was though; at this moment... had they not xvideos com taken me in, I would probably have died or at the very least been dinner for one of the local animals of the area. The IV porn xvideos in my arm was causing me xvideo com a bit of www xvideos com difficulty while trying xvideos.com to rise to an upright position. I became dizzy and slumped back. "Hey hey... calm down kid... I'm sorry... " he said in an even but ALMOST tender voice as he walked across the room from xvideos jp his corner to press the button causing the bed japanese xvideos to lift the head of xvideos in the bed into xvideo.com an upright position. "Kid?!" I almost screamed... watching his eyes nearly grow twice in size in surprise... Just then, a middle aged gentleman burst through the door and yelled "What in the BLUE FUCK is going on in here!? What the hell are you doing to my patient?!" he demanded of Bransen. "Woah! Woah!... Doc... it's just a misunderstanding!" he said as he backed away with his arms half raised. "Get the fuck out of here you xvidios butcher" I said to Doc, almost as much surprised to have said it xxvideos as to the Doc's bewildered reaction. "I'm sorry..." I said as I gasped... the damns breaking as the flashes of what I had just been through entered my mind. Staring directly at the Doc I commanded "Leave!" as I clutched my hands to my face and burst into tears. Like a robot obeying a command Doc left the room without xvidoes another word. Glimpses of my unborn child, Vale's death, the slaughter of his fathers and the xvideos japan entire ordeal of the merging flashed through my mind. My murder of Rase in my rage blazed across my thoughts and my body shook with sobs I could not control. Who the hell was I? What xvideos porn the hell was I?! What is going on!!!?? I continued to cry when I felt arms pull me into an embrace. "Hey guy... it's okay... It's okay now! You're safe.. you're japanese xvideos here with us!" he whispered and he hugged me even tighter rocking me to chase the pain xvideos teen away. xvideos free x-videos We stayed that way for what seemed like video x forever before I spoke again. "They are all gone" I choked. Pulling away slightly and putting xvids his hand beneath my chin he lifted my head level to his "You have a new family now." Glancing past him and across the room into the wwwxvideos.com mirror over the xvideos indonesia sink xvideos indonesia I saw for the first time something that terrified me. My reflection. My eyes blazed with a blue-white light. They didn't just have their regular icy blue color, they literally glowed! Realizing what I was xvideos indo seeing, my breath caught in my throat. "It's xxxvideos too much! I can't do this! They're all dead!" I wept as I leaned forward again resting my head on Bransen's shoulder and sobbed. I had lost so much and xvideos red my heart hurt so badly.. I couldn't escape the horror and didn't know how to react so I let Bransen console x-videos me in his tight grip. I had lost everything, and I had maliciously killed a man. This wasn't me was it? Pulling away from the safe place Bransen made for me in his embrace and curve of his neck xvideos hentai I calmed myself and sniffled. He handed xvideos indo me a tissue and I wiped my eyes and nose. I had felt so much xvideos porno hurt so fast www.xvideos.com I was now almost immune. I guess it just takes time to gain the benefit of the numbness and acceptance of a true horror from things past. It was done. xxvideo I was here... and nothing I could do would fix xxxvideo what had happened. I would carry the scars xvideos xvideos of my actions as a part of me from forever. As I have always told others... "It x video.com is what it is. Learn from it and move on." "Kelay was supposed to be with you...", he xx videos said nervously breaking the silence. Staring into my lap I replied xvideo.com softly, "He is." I said turning my eyes upward into his. "All that he was and knew..." "Knew?" Bransen interrupted. "Knew? Where is he? What happened? What do you mean 'Knew'" He emphasized. I continued, xvideos.con "All the things he was xvideos and knew... I now know. All desi xvideos of his memories are now mine." I paused, "My father lives now within me, forever. He has moved beyond." As yet www.xvideo.com another tear made its way down my cheek. The word 'father' xvideo com seemed to surprise xvieos him. I felt a burning anguish rush through Bransen's soul, which was quickly www.xvideo.com tucked away and hidden. "I understand." He said softly. I looked into his eyes and knew... He www xvideos com loved Kelay truly and desperately, but it was a caged and bridled xvidos thing never allowed to be let out. Bransen had loved my father from afar for many years, but had kept xvideos. com it safely in check. Kelay mom xvideos had known it, but xvideoscom it was a x video fire that was never allowed to start. How sad. So much wasted time. What are we if not how we spend our time here? "Are you sure?" he asked hoping... to which I answered with a simple nod. "We have merged and he has moved on. I know you as well as any; though you don't www.xvideos com know me from anyone." I said somewhat flatly. "Know www.xvideo this though, I am all he was and more. It is how he had planned www xvideos it... You knew as well as he did that it was a one way trip." Another muted pang of pain escaped him, but never crossed his face. I reached for him and he pulled away. I should have anticipated this. I desi xvideos had the memories, but I didn't know how to apply them. I broke our silence, xvedio "I need time alone please..." A thought escaped xvideos mom Bransen as he rose from beside me... "You sound so much like him!" To which I replied aloud... "It was never my intention". At hearing his own words, he paused... turned, and left the room abandoning me to sort out my new world. Sleep overtook me. Coming to terms with my new world was going to have to wait. I needed rest. I woke again seeing Bransen gazing at me from the corner. "Hello again." I said softly. "Hello" www.xvideos com he quietly replied. "I will be ready for training in 1 day." I stated. "One day?!" he xvideos porn explained.... "Well... it's been long enough my body has finally recovered... Though I get the impression you xvideo have a question for me." I said. "uhhh.. how long do YOU think you have been out?" he asked. "Hell I don't know... a couple xvideos japanese of days?" I answered. "Try two weeks!" he responded. The realization crossed my face. "Oh." I said as I pushed the frightening news aside. "Must be a result of your inferior medical practice." "WHAT!?" He xvideo com exclaimed in denial more than anything. "Got ya" xvieos I chuckled. "you are sooooo easy." And we both chuckled. xvideo.com It telugu xvideos had been the first time a smile had been on my face since my last night with Vale as x videos we lay in our spot spent from indian xvideos loves exertions. The memory of it stole some of my new found joy xvideos japan and my www.xvideos smile left me. Noticing this Bransen asked, "So, what xvideos red happened?" I recounted the events of my last hours of memory to Bransen as he listened quietly absorbing it all. I discreetly skimmed over some of the more elicit behavior xvideos download of my sexual escapades but delivered him the story with the essential facts as I could best recall them. xvideos porno He looked at me in shocked disbelief and asked "So you were from one of the primitive groups then?" to which I nodded in reply. "Excuse www xvideos me for saying so, but you seem to have adapted remarkably well." Branson continued. xvideos jp "I don't know." I said honestly. "I'm not obsessed with xvideos com the future as the xvideos tamil Thorens are. It is their failing, and will ultimately be their destruction if they don't change their ways. They have forgotten how to live for the day, but instead only worry about their own longevity. They are dying, and it terrifies them. One might think that the many millennia they have been witness to, would have taught them more than this, but vanity and fear are hard pressed guides in life." "I have Kelay's memories, but not his xvideo gay wisdom." I explained staring into his perplexed deep green eyes. "Knowing not to touch xvide the cooking pot because it cooks over the fire and will burn you, is not the same as having made the mistake of burning your skin from its touch." Some understanding crept into his expression as I spoke, "We learn from experience and feeling of a thing. I believe it is for my own sanity, that I have not indian xvideos chosen to allow his emotions to join my own. I don't know if I could keep my mind if I allowed that just yet, but soon." I paused feeling a slight glimmer of hope move through him. "Our emotion is what builds and maintains our soul. xxxvideos It is our xvideo gay pain, joy, fear, and triumph that molds us into who we are and who we will become." "You speak like an old man!" He blurted, surprising himself xvideos xvideos as much as myself as embarrassment colored his face. "Today is my birthday." I stated feeling the growing pains increase within my body. "I turn gay xvideos 1600 years old today, and I would tamil xvideos have my privacy for the change." I could see the questions forming in his mind, but interrupted him before porno xvideos he could verbalize them. "I need you to go now... Do not allow xvideos anal anyone to xvideos gay attempt to enter, they won't be able, and I may unwittingly harm them. You will know when I have finished." My eyes started to www xvideos.com shine with that familiar white blue which was slowly growing in intensity. I moaned in pain and writhed on wwwxvideos.com the xvidos.com bed as my muscles xvideos.com and bones began to reform themselves. "Go now!" I said louder than I had intended, seeing Bransen jump at the abruptness of the statement. "Are you okay?" he asked fear entering his voice. Panting with sweat forming on my brow and upper lip xvidoes I yelled out in pain, "GO!" and thrust him from the room with my mind, an almost violent and immediate shove centered on his chest sending hd xvideos him stumbling backward out of the room slamming the heavy metal door upon his exit bending it into the frame of the door curving xvieos it outward like a wind caught sail on a ship. I had to bring this under control, I had allowed x.videos him to stay too long and wasn't prepared. Focusing on the smallest of cells within my body I was able to temper the pain as I allowed Kelay's emotions to burst through the xvideos indian prison I had created for them. Wave upon wave of emotion rolled through my mind finding their appropriate place with each memory. Pain, loss, sorrow, joy, lust, pride, shame, and more all took their place amongst the millennia's worth x video of memories and experiences. The flashes through my mind merged with the images like watching someone's life on fast forward, the pictures more of a xxxvideos constant blur at blistering speed moving much to quickly to get more than a silhouette xvideos.com or impression of xxxvideo any one given thing. It was as though someone had painted a multicolored mosaic xvedios that was constantly remaking itself shifting in complexity and color. As the emotions racked my mind, the growing pains that throbbed from my bones outward began to increase in intensity which caused my eyes xvideo gay to pinch shut trying to chase xvideoss away the pain, and blinding blue and white fire that was wrapped around my body. I was aging now faster xvido than anything my mind could www xvideos com imagine. My shoulders were broadening, and I could feel that my hair and nails x.videos had grown considerably. I heard myself screaming long and loud between gasps and shudders xvideos. com of xvideoss pain, though I porn xvideos was more witness to the spectacle than active participant. Time blurred by as my body aged to that of a 21st age young man. In hours my body had aged what would normally have porno xvideos taken another 500 years. Well, what would have been normal for me anyway. The fury of light and emotion that had been coursing through my mind and body was now coming to an end. Only my eyes glowed now, and the pain was barely a dull ache with an occasional cramp or muscle spasm shaking me. Exhausted I dozed off, leaving the final changes to complete themselves while I would be in the ignorant x vedios bliss of sleep. I awoke with matted eyes. Rubbing my balled up fists wringing the sleep from my eyes I xvideos indonesia sat up. I was in a tangle of hair and nearly scratched my own face xvideos download from my incredibly long indian xvideos finger nails. Commanding the lights to rise in intensity slightly, I began to look at my hands and arms in my dimly lit x vedios room. I stretched and watched new thicker muscle play across my arms and chest noticing the slightest bit of fuzz play down the center of my pecs growing in x video.com strength and color at my naval working its way xvidoes lower to places more fun. Pulling myself to the side of the bed I stood and took large x videos handfuls of hair from the back working down from my scalp to get it out and away from my feet. xxx videos Long x videos.com chocolate brown ripples and ringlets of hair cascade down my shoulders and even hefted in my arms still dusted the floor as I made my way to the bathroom. Sitting down on the toilet I proceeded xxxvideo to cut xvideos hentai my nails so that I would be better able to manage and reach the more important things without accidentally castrating myself while only trying to take a piss. Next I looked at myself in the mirror. Clad only in pajama bottoms and bare-chested I stared. My hair now framed a slightly more squared face, but the changes in my xvideos in appearance weren't that dramatic. My nose had somehow grown to accommodate xvideos brasil my face and my lips seemed somewhat larger, but not exactly plump. The muscles in my neck that led to my shoulders seemed more defined. My chest and abdomen lost that baby fat that used to soften the look of the farm built muscle. I www xvideos.com had to admire the new look of it as my chest and wwwxvideos abdomen narrowed at my waist. Grabbing an armband used during the taking of blood samples xvideos 2 I gathered my hair at waist level and tied it around into a mammoth pony